Kingswood Elementary

Review of Kiss and Go Rules

Good Evening Kingswood Families,

We got our first blast of winter weather this morning which led to traffic delays and late buses. As a result, there was more traffic in the Kiss and Go drop off loop. When dropping your children off at school in the morning it is very important that you follow our Kiss and Go rules.

Pull ahead as far as you can (close to the rainbow painted crosswalk)

Adults should stay in the car

Children should be exiting the vehicle on the sidewalk side

Students should be ready (with their backpacks) to exit the vehicle quickly, be able to open their own door and get out of the car independently

Vehicles are not permitted to pass in the Kiss & Go. You must wait for the car in front of you to move before exiting the loop

If your children need assistance getting out of the car, you must park in the parking lot. Make sure that you use the crosswalk when walking to the school from the parking lot. Do not walk through the Kiss & Go loop.


We have noticed that some unsafe choices are being made in the Kiss and Go. It is very  important for everyone to follow the safety rules that we have established to ensure the safety of our students.


Kingswood Admin Team,

Andrea, Carrie & Martha