Kingswood Elementary

Entry Into School

Good Evening Kingswood Parents,

We hope that everyone is well and that you are finally getting to enjoy some Spring weather. This year really did not go as planned at all and I would have never imagined that our year would come to an end like this. We are all really missing our students, their families, our co-workers and our classrooms full of materials.
We know that many of you were hoping to get into the school to retrieve items belonging to your children and we are pleased to let you know that we have a plan for you to be able to do just that.

On Monday June 8th and Tuesday June 9th we will welcoming one person per family into the school so children cannot accompany parents in the building.
From May 28th until June 5th you will be able to book an appointment time online using the following link: (please email Mrs. Izzard at if you have any problems using the site)

Please DO NOT come to the school if you are not feeling well.

In order for us to be in the building we must adhere strictly to the Health protocols of staying at least 2m apart. With that in mind parents will be able to enter the school through the gym doors at the back of the building. All student items will be in the gym, in bags, sorted by class and in alphabetical order so that it will be easy for you to find what belongs to you. You will be able to get all of the items belonging to all of your children at the same time. We highly recommend that you bring some sturdy cloth shopping bags with you to carry the items to your car as the bags that we have are quite thin and we can see them breaking easily. Once you have gathered the items from the gym you will proceed out of the gym doors into the hallway. Follow the arrows to the Primary hall. The Lost and Found will be laid out on tables going down this hall for you to take a look and see if anything belongs to you. Once you are done you will exit through the Primary doors to the parking lot.

The materials that you now have in your possession have been touched by us to pack them up. None of us would knowingly come to school if we are feeling sick and our hands were well washed and sanitized but we still recommend that you should wash or sanitize your hands after collecting these packages and you may want to set them aside for a few days as an added precaution. Many students have items belonging to the school at home and we would like to get them back. So we will have boxes available to collect:

 Library Books
 PM Books
 Classroom books
 Textbooks
 Technology
 Anything else that might belong to the school.

We look forward to seeing you at pickup and we sincerely hope to see everyone again in September.

Take care,
Andrea Briand and Rachael Webster